Family Information

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Medical Release

I hereby give the coaches of the Antrim Ski Academy permission to obtain medical aid, including emergency transportation, for my son/daughter in case of injury or illness. It is understood that every effort will be made to contact me should medical attention become necessary. It is also understood that I will assume responsibility for any cost incurred in the care of my son/daughter.

Media Release Agreement (Signature)

Program participants should have their own health or accident insurance. ASA neither has or offers such insurance. Please provide the following information:

Liability Release/Waiver of Liability

In consideration of the possible injuries which could occur through my participation in the Antrim Ski Academy, I hereby release Shanty Creek, the Antrim Ski Academy, and any person officially connected with the programs, from any and all liability for any injury or damages whatsoever arising from my minor son/daughter’s or from my own participation in or presence at the programs.

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